“God is with Me”

When I noticed God was reaching out to me - my life changed forever. I waited and hoped somebody would invite me to church. My prayer was answered, and somebody invited me to church. I soon started Bible studies and I started to notice God communicating with me.

He would get my attention through the clouds and the sky. I would notice the clouds were shaped like doves flying and how the sunset would shine my direction no matter which direction I turned.

One day during service God filled me with His Spirit (the Holy Ghost). Because God kept getting my attention through the sky and clouds, I knew I needed to keep giving my life to Him and I was baptized in Jesus’ name. I noticed how my life started to change in great ways.

One notable change happened at the 2022 Exodus Conference. I felt sick and almost didn’t go to the first service, but after I started praying, I noticed I began to feel better instantly! The next day I was healed!

Sis. Nicole

 Service Days & Times: Sunday Worship at 11:30am  - Thursday Bible Study at 7pm