“Jesus Lifted Me Up”

I’ve been fighting everyday through tough battles and medical issues since I was a baby. God made me a fighter and He was always there for me, even when I thought no one was there. He keeps me going through life and heals me. He showed me how to speak in tongues. He listens to my heart when I can’t speak words or tongues ‘cause I cry loudly/wail. Even when you feel alone, God is always there to lift you up, give you strength and everlasting love/life. He’s never going to abandon you. He wants you to trust Him and have patience because things are going to work out for the better that He is creating for you and knows what is right for you. His plans are better than your dreams you just have to believe, have faith and hope. Lastly, He gave me the gift of prophecy, I feel His presence, healing, voice and I see Him. God is the only reason I made it this far.

Sis. Maya Storey

 Service Days & Times: Sunday Worship at 11:30am  - Thursday Bible Study at 7pm