"2018 - Story Time Archive"

  • Fireworks3:18
  • True Love5:11
  • The Ultimate Rescuer5:24
  • Encouragement1:30
  • Keep God First2:16
  • The Prodigal Son2:46
  • Uncomfortable? Wake up!3:40
  • Beatitudes - Sermon on the Mount4:29
  • Giving Thanks with Jesus3:37
  • In for a Surprise7:22

"2020 - Story Time Archive"


Story Time - Archive

Here, you can come back and listen, learn, and be encouraged about what promises God has for YOU...Again!

"2019 - Story Time Archive"

 Service Days & Times: Sunday Worship at 11:30am  - Thursday Bible Study at 7pm

  • The Forest of Winters3:45
  • Changing By Faith7:30
  • Roller Coaster of Life2:13
  • Lost...But God3:16
  • Daniel In the Lion's Den4:46
  • Obedience: A Story of Joshua and the Wall of Jericho3:48
  • Elijah and the Priests of Baal4:39
  • Christmas! The Birth of Jesus4:18

  • Curiosity Trapped the Fly Part 1 of 27:57
  • Curiosity Trapped the Fly Part 2 of 27:02
  • Maurice Moose and his antlers5:59
  • Maurice Moose's New Year's Eve Ft. Grandpa Mitchell Moose7:07
  • Maurice Moose Takes a Train Ride7:19
  • Maurice Moose and Daniel's Easter3:56
  • Three Bears in Unity8:55
  • Barry Bee6:08
  • Pongo Platypus and the Town of P's8:28
  • Pongo Platypus Goes to Animal CIty11:21
  • Harry Hudson Hornets's Battle: Following Jesus5:37
  • A New Beginning6:09